How blockchain will change webcam business: security and being anonymous

Live Stars offers a new perspective at the problems of webcam industry — combine porn and blockchain technology
Blockchain will soon change many aspects of our activities. Usually, we hear about launching blockchain into financial ball, but it can be used in many different fields. For example , Live Actors company has found, one might think, an unexpected application for blockchain — webcam organization.
Webcam is the most technologically advanced branch of online adult porn industry. Models (usually, women) converse with video chat users and, for additional payments, cause, strip and perform specific actions of sexual nature. It’ s often completed with own funds and assets — all you need is a net camera, Internet access and a space. However , there are specialized broadcasters, where several models can work at the same time. Webcams monumentally differ from offline part of sex sector and porn videos. The important thing differences are the absence of physical contact between the model plus the client and all the payments are non-cash.
How does it work?
Behind every style, there is a crowd of additional personnel: agency owners, studio managers, staffed internal purchase platforms.
Every link mulheres peladas in this chain deducts their share of the model’ s earning. A model functioning at the agency usually receives 20– 25% of what her client paid. Even self-employed models get regarding 40%, with the rest taken by the webcam hosting programs.
The client under no circumstances pays directly to the style, they usually use some form of conditional currency, valid on one particular website. The funds tend not to go directly to the version and at the each level the paid sum suffers transfer and conversion costs. When the “ tokens” are ordered, a percentage goes to the online pocket book or banking service, if the client pays with this kind of token, webcam platform gets its share and there is a further intermediate party at the dollars withdrawal stage.
Besides, to receive their repayment in the first place, the model need to first earn the nominal required sum, specified inside the contract, usually about 50 bucks. Incidentally, 99% of men models usually do not get paid possibly this much. Besides, these repayments do not reach their beneficiary right away. The platform can hold the payment for any period of time between a week and a month or maybe more. And you can add 3– 5 days spent for loan company transfer process.
These are just symptoms of the core problem of this sphere — lack of transparency. No one feel confident in any individual — clients are afraid of identity theft and models fear so much deanonymization, blackmail and threats of exposing their function to their friends and loved ones. Studio management might apply threats and fear to force the models to keep working and the streaming companies might illegally use personal information of both, models and clients.
Many of these platforms always use some form of IDENTITY to verify the personality of their models for internal purposes, it is a vital part of how they work. And each system makes their own client repository, collecting the payment info on when, what for and just how much each client will pay, geolocation data and sometimes demands ID as well.
Security and anonymity of provided data completely depend upon which integrity of the intermediaries. The internet is full of interviews with webcam models who fell prey to blackmail.
— It’ s unsafe to work at the studio room if you want to keep your identity magic formula. I can tell you a story of a version, whose work was recorded and the videos were sent to her boyfriend. There were threats to send these videos to her parents as well. The same can happen if the contract runs out or when the model just wishes to quit. What to do with that, no person knows.
Impegno, a webcam model
Blockchain the Deliverer
According to have Stars, how can blockchain increase this semi-legal and often harmful field of work?
The main difference is complete anonymity guaranteed by the program and replacement of internal payment processing system with tokens.
This solves almost all problems we mentioned thus far.
Tokenization removes the advantages of intermediaries and completely eliminates them from the chain. Protection of data storage and copy in blockchain technology can be above and beyond anything else we have today. Identity verification will still take place, since all models must be of the full legal age to work in this field, nevertheless the model can remove any one of their personal information from the system at any point in time, which is supported by the open source code. The uploaded data, after he was approved by management, will always be encrypted.
Blockchain ventures fully solve the issue of the client’ s anonymity.
The very transaction procedure will be significantly quicker, seeing that the intermediary banks as well as the need to convert money into the platform’ s internal repayment means are completely taken off the picture. The latter is changed by LIVE tokens, that can be used to pay for the program or be sold at a symbol exchange platform. At the moment, in case the client happens to have some inner platform currency they bought but did not spent however, they cannot get their money back at all, if they wish to do so, as no platform offers refunds or resale opportunities.
The payment process itself becomes simpler and includes possibility of attaching further modules and ways of payment.
The versions do not have to wait for months to get what they earned. The transaction comes at the moment from the payment and not a moment later.
Possibility of purchase errors is removed as well — blockchain technology does not allow for mistakes and transaction errors, when the customer’ h funds are blocked by bank.
And what will Live Stars change?
What does such platform looks like? What will change due to its participants: clients and types?

On average, 250 new designs register on the top-tier websites daily.
many of these are newcomers, who hardly ever worked at this platform
10% of them can continue working on the same system
60% are forced to quit, due to not reaching the minimal required earning.
The low percentage of webcam newcomers is easily described: emotionally taxing job, danger of deanonymization, psychological pressure from the platform’ s admins, huge transaction fees and low payments that never come on time. It brings about a situation of many young types completely leaving the discipline after their first experience.
A platform built on open source code, transparency and blockchain infrastructure will radically differ from current semi-legal and closed programs.
Low access barrier will attract more types and lack of negative economical experience will increase the percentage of the people who will chose to stay.
If the clients will be 100% certain of their own security and anonymity, the number of people willing to pay for the model’ s i9000 service will increase. Currently, majority of webcam audience is quite happy with free live streams and doesn’ t pay anything at all, afraid of dealing with unclear and potentially dangerous payment system. Whenever some of them will move to the class of paying clients, it will completely change webcam industry landscape. It is quite possible, that the general direction of many of these platform will become less porn-orientated and move towards merely personal communication, which is what attracts the clients to start with.
Another important factor: private video chats and text chats will use webRTC based on one-to-one principle, independent of each other of servers. Nobody, such as the website administration, will have use of a private chat.
Every website has its diva. They are usually promoted by website itself, put towards the top of the ratings and looked at by the largest audience. It will always be a closed mechanism, which harms the customer who’ m like to see the actual information about the model’ s rating and it harms other designs who lose the profits due to unfairly low reviews. Besides, unfair rating is just an extra source of psychological anxiety for the model. The open source code will permits anyone to make sure, that the ranking is distributed in a reasonable and objective manner.
The future of webcam sector
In the end, blockchain will lead to creation of your unique unprecedented online platform, with independent financially insured webcam models who finally left behind the discomfort of constant stress and the buyers completely certain in their protection and anonymity.
The content is bound to change too: currently models feel forced to have “ mainstream” shows, something, that majority of clients are ready to pay for, just to have some income. In the conditions of a secure and open platform, they can produce income by providing services for a smaller sized audience. It can be just a friendly conversation or specific sex interests.